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I’m not a big hanger guy. I’m really not. But, some hangers simply outperform the others… and their story needs to be told. So today, I would like to publicly celebrate “The 2” pant hangers. I nickname this item “the 2” for purely visual reasons. As opposed to standard hangers, these beautiful time-savers provide easy access to your trousers via one open-ended side, leaving the shape of the hanger resembling a number two. Don’t let the name fool you, however. In my books, this culture-altering hanger is absolutely numero uno.

It would come as no surprise to learn that many of you are skeptical, and perhaps even scoffing, at this post. But, my guess is the scoffers are also those who have never experienced the metal and vinyl brilliance of “the 2.” I can say this with confidence: You will scoff no more if you throw down the extra few bucks to pick up a few of these closet champions.
It will make getting ready for work and coming home at the end of the day less stressful and more efficient. If your experience mirrors my experience, your hanger-to-legs time average (and, on the flip-side, your legs-to-hanger time averages) will be slashed in half. I will provide this warning, however. After your purchases (just make the investment and buy a handful), you will quickly loathe the fact that you spent the majority of your life without “the 2.” But, apart from self-loathing, you have nothing less to lose.
It is time to demand excellence in our britches’ storage. Our khakis, chinos, dress slacks and corduroys deserve nothing less. Join me in kicking the cheap plastic hangers and dry cleaner throwaways to the curb.