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Dear Davey,
Welcome to the family. This new baby thing does not get old. We’re delighted to have you join us. And since your sister’s delighted-ness is by far cuter than ours, here’s a picture  representing just how thrilled we are:

Someday you’ll have to let us know if we’re right, but we’re calling for a conspiracy theory. There’s just no way that you and your mom could be that cute only one hour after you’ve been born. Something is going on, because after seeing you/Chrissy and Graham/Kendal we’re convinced that someone’s doing some baby growing elsewhere.
We’re glad to see you confidently pull off your own unique style this early in life. Although the faux hawk have normally adorned urbanite males, you really brought something new to the style. And we agree, baby faux hawks should be the next thing. You clearly proved that it’s unbelievably cute.

Finally, we want to thank you. Thank you for making us feel like baby pros. Somehow, no matter how awkwardly we may be holding you, you mold to the position. And whenever we try to comfort you it always works, like what we’re doing was the exact thing you were asking for. Maybe you’re just trying to be nice, but we really appreciate it. You’ve been a tremendous boost to our self-esteem.
We love you, Davey Baby.
Aunt Alli and Uncle C